Mark OBrien is a television entrepreneur who founded Mighty Oak Entertainment, Inc. (“Mighty Oak”), a television production and distribution company, in 2005.

After spending two decades licensing studio programming, OBrien learned first-hand about the long-term value of owning and distributing content. After ten years dedicated to building the company, Mighty Oak now wholly-owns over 500 episodes of self-financed programming including rights in all media, in perpetuity, including music publishing. Mighty Oak is 100% debt free.

In January 2006, OBrien sold his first series WHACKED OUT SPORTS to the NBC O&Os. This sale led to an industry first when the NBC Network included the all-barter show on the prime time feed following NFL Sunday Night Football.

The success from this initial 22 episode order has snowballed into a collection of six original television series airing in domestic syndication, cable and international television. Additionally, all of the current cable licenses and international deals are in first-cycle only and by design, Mighty Oak has not yet entered into any digital deals. Mighty Oak produced two work-for-hire productions and has seven new series in development.

Prior to starting Mighty Oak, OBrien worked as a senior vice president at Warner Bros. Domestic Television and licensed off-network hits such as “Friends,” “ER,” “Two and a Half Men” and first-run programs “Ellen,” “The People’s Court,” and “Extra” to the domestic syndication market.

Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission:

  • Produce high quality, high-volume, creative and profitable series for multiplatform distribution.

Our Values:

  • Conduct our business relationships in the highest ethical manner with a commitment to excellence.
  • Build our brand by assembling the strong production and distribution team, customers and vendors.